The story of Boston Moving Arts Productions is the story of David Orr, its founder.

A few years ago, I had the great serendipitous fortune of attending a dance performance by the stunning Sante Fe Ballet. I was not new to dance at the time; I’d probably attended a half dozen performances in my life, mostly to see my ballerina sister dance. But something special happened that night.

The exquisite control, grace, power and passion of these human bodies moving on stage took my breath away. Being in the presence of such perfect artistry, I was overwhelmed by humbling vulnerability. I cried in honor of the dancer. I cried in honor of their humanness. And I cried in solidarity that I share that same humanness. Like some powerful addictive drug, I seek out dance everywhere I can, in search of being profoundly moved. The more dance I see, the more frequently I experience that exultation.

It is my fervent wish that every person may have the precious fortune of experiencing a life altering dance performance. This is the mission of Boston Moving Arts Productions (BMAP).

BMAP is audience-centric.

BMAP’s focus is bringing exquisite dance experiences to the non-dancer audience. Each performance is carefully curated with mostly local dance artists to create a powerfully emotional journey for the audience.

To be taken on dance’s powerful emotional journey requires trust and the vulnerability to be emotionally affected. But understanding contemporary dance can be daunting. Especially when the dance being observed is not what was expected. When expecting to watch a story told through dance and the performance is an abstraction of colors set to motion, trust grounded in expectation is violated, and can feel like a betrayal.

BMAP’s commitment is building the deepest trust with audiences to provide safe and tender spaces for audiences to explore their most courageous vulnerability and most profound experiences.

BMAP approaches every dance production from the audience’s perspective. Every step of the way, from marketing, to the choices of the dance pieces, to the description of pieces in the program, BMAP is focused on inspiring the imagination of an exulting evening of catharsis. Then, connecting with the manifestation of the imagined evening, the audience enters that sacred space of trust and vulnerability to experience the sweet tears of humanity.

Parallel to BMAP’s support of the audience, is it’s support for the Boston dance community. These activities provide wraparound support for making, funding and promoting dance.